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Relaxation, rejuvenation, and pain relief

Can’t move as well as you used to? Do you have chronic or recurring tightness or pain? Massage therapy can help!

I specialize in working with injuries, accidents, and other life trauma, supporting mental, emotional, and physical balance. I also support the special characteristics of pregnancy, athletics, and anyone involved in caregiving for children or elders.

“Jonathan’s technique addresses an individual as a whole entity. For example, rather than just rubbing a tight shoulder muscle to temporarily release tension, he helped bring awareness to the mind-body connection of why I might be storing stressful energy in that part of my body.” – Kristin A., new mom

Clients report deep relaxation and well-being, along with decreased pain, increased flexibility, improved range of motion, and greater vitality. You also receive coaching on body posture and ergonomics, as well as practices and exercises to take home.

Modalities offered

Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports massage, somatic experiencing, esalen massage, cranio-sacral, reflexology, myofascial release, awareness, and presence.

  • 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 minute sessions available
  • Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and weekends by appointment
  • In your home or at my office
  • Sliding scale for fixed- and limited-income
  • No charge for veterans, may pay by donation